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[DVD] Motorcycling in Moab Utah

Adventure Motorcycling in Moab Utah
Preparing for Riding in Moab UtahPreparing for Riding in Moab UtahPreparing for Riding in Moab Utah

Motorcycling in Moab Utah.

Moab Utah offers dramatic natural scenery and dual-sport riding like no other place on earth—from easy and casual riding to technical and challenging. In this DVD you’ll learn important safety considerations for this arid and remote part of the world. Whether you’re familiar with the geography of Utah, or you’re a city-slicker ready for an exciting adventure, be safe and plan accordingly.

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Product Description


Explore the countless network of trails and dirt roads and see why Moab provides the ultimate adventure-motorcycling experience – with this DVD as your resource, you’ll have the info you’ll need for the maximum safety and the maximum fun!

The Moab area offers tremendous diversity for motorcycle trail riding. From graded roads to singletrack trails, you can choose a new adventure for each day of your visit… and your next visit.

Motorcycling takes a lot of rider training, vehicle maintenance, and trip planning. In Moab, most trails are very remote, and cellular coverage is spotty.

Even in spring and fall, temperatures can reach above 100F and below 32F. Low humidity calls for bringing extra water, such as 4 quarts/liters per person. Storms cause drainages that are normally dry to become impassable, and cause clay-based dirt that is normally dusty to become extremely muddy.

Bring extra water, such as 4 quarts/liters per person

Moab offers a huge variety of trails and roads (both paved and dirt) for adventure-motorcyclists – for casual riders looking for a scenic ride through the beautiful canyons and national parks, to riders looking for exciting terrain and breath-taking views.

Moab will surround you with the warmth and hospitality of a small resort town at the center of the most stunning red rock landscapes on Earth

A motorcycle trip like this requires proper planning,
so be prepared for the thrills of this adventure in Moab!

Partial List of Topics:

  • What Makes Moab Unique for Motorcyclists?
  • Seasons to Avoid – Seasons to Welcome
  • What to Do—What to See While in Moab
  • Prepare for Trail and Road Conditions
  • Be Aware & Prepare: Sun/Water/Remoteness
  • Maps or GPS (or Both?)
  • Hotel vs. Camping
  • Tool-Kit “MUST-Haves”
  • Trail-Side Repairs (Zip-Ties and more)
  • Water, Water, Water… WHERE??? (Stay Hydrated!)
  • Critical Fuel Issues
  • and more…


If narrow trails sound like your idea of fun, there are a half-dozen small networks of motorized singletrack to choose from. Each of them requires a map, but here’s an overview:

Motorcycle Travel DVDs - Moab Utah
Hook & Ladder

The Ride:
While this trail system lacks singletrack, it has a fifty-inch ATV trail, and many 4WD trails that weave between the pinion and juniper trees. It lies in an area called the Cameo Cliffs which is a couple thousand feet higher than Moab, and usually about five degrees cooler. Nearby is the Mi Vida mine that made Charlie Steen famous. Even the inactive mines are often private and unstable, so view them from a distance. With cooperation from BLM, an ATV club named SPEAR developed Hook & Ladder for a great day of riding in late spring or early fall.

Motorcycle Travel DVDs - Moab Utah

Slickrock Trail

The Ride:
Also with cooperation from BLM, motorcyclists marked Slickrock Trail in 1969. The loop scales many hills of barren rock, with views down to the Colorado River and up to the La Sal Mountains. Since then, Slickrock has become world renowned for bicycling. To avoid crowds, it’s much better to ride Slickrock early in the week, and early in the morning. Despite heavy traffic, the area is in good shape thanks to the staff of Sandflats Recreation Area. The small entry fee will get you a detailed map of Slickrock and the surrounding 4WD trails. Although Slickrock might look like Mars, it can feel like Venus. Avoid the afternoon heat, and carry extra water.

Motorcycle Travel DVDs - Moab Utah
Sovereign Trail

The Ride:
Similar to Slickrock, Sovereign is very popular among mountain bikers, so be prepared to share the trail. Sovereign Singletrack connects Archview Resort with lower Klondike Bluffs Road. The middle of it runs parallel to Saltwash Singletrack, which is recommended for northerly travel. Both singletracks wiggle through boulder fields and scale ledges. When approaching a switchback, stay on the outside of the turn so you can cut to the inside at the apex. If it’s too tight, ride the nearby Sovereign ATV Loop or Fallen Peace Officer Trail. All these routes were developed by a local nonprofit, Ride with Respect, which was blessed with support from the Utah division of Forestry, Fire, & State Lands.




In this DVD…

Two separate interviews with seasoned motorcyclists, Britton Purser, Uli Bischoff and Ned Seusse, discussing their experiences riding in MOAB.



Ned Suisse

Ned Suesse has competed in such prestigious events as the Baja 1000 and has numerous A-Class Enduro trophies to show, but some of his favorite riding is exploring the areas around Moab, either on a dirt-bike or a dual sport.

Every year Ned spends numerous weekends in Utah riding, and he filmed his instructional DVD, Dual Sport Riding Techniques in the areas around Moab. He loves the varied terrain the area offers, from sand dunes to slick-rock, from mountains to desert, and everything in between, all with such overwhelming natural beauty that it’s easy to crash after being distracted by the view.

Ned is also a Dakar Finisher, competing in the 2012 Dakar Ralley (#81) as one of only five American Motorcyclists! Go Ned!!!


Britton and Uli


With Moab only a short off-road ride from his home in Colorado, Britton Purser has spent countless hours exploring southern Utah for his touring company, Wanderlust Moto Expeditions, and has been a contributing editor for BMW Owners News for over seven years. Britton has a real passion for travel, telling his stories and hearing the stories of others.


A passionate adventure-rider from Europe, Ulrich “Uli” Bischoff has ridden in and around Moab countless times, with weekend exploring averaging about 15-trips each year. He considers himself a “well seasoned” rider and has experienced just about every riding terrain imaginable. Uli’s passion for adventure-riding is as much about exploration and freedom, as it is about the riding.

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