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[DVD] Motorcycling in New Zealand

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Adventure Motorcycling in New Zealand
Preparing for Riding in New ZealandPreparing for Riding in New ZealandPreparing for Riding in New Zealand

Motorcycling in New Zealand

Halfway around the world, you’ll find great riding, spectacular scenery, and friendly locals. In this DVD you’ll learn what you need to know to ride this dramatic island country, as well as information on guided tours, motorcycle rentals, motorcycle shipping, accommodations, food, transportation, fuel considerations and more.

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Product Description


Motorcycle-Travel in New Zealand is pretty simple but there are a few important things that may be different to your home country. In this DVD, you’ll learn from riders who have been there and will have you better prepared and ensure you make the most of your adventure.


Whether it’s learning about the currency, familiarizing yourself on the requirements for riding in New Zealand or contacting the Visitor Information Center for local information on what to see and do, this DVD will help you out with what you need to know.


Partial List of Topics:


  • Why Motorcycle New Zealand?
  • Best Time of Year to Go
  • Motorcycle Rentals
  • Guided Tour vs. Solo Trips
  • Trip Budget Tips
  • Accommodations Suggestions
  • Landscape and Geography
  • Riding Conditions to Expect
  • What to Bring – What NOT to Bring
  • Best Books and Web site Resources
  • and much more…

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If you’re used to riding in the city, you should take care when riding on New Zealand’s open country roads. New Zealand has a good motorway system but weather extremes, the terrain and narrow secondary roads and bridges require motorcyclists to be very vigilant.

Important Road Rules

Always ride on the left-hand-side of the road

Always keep on or below the legal speed limits indicated on road signs

The maximum speed on any open road is 100km/h

The maximum speed in urban areas is 50km/h

Adjust your speed as conditions demand

Do not pass other cars where there are double yellow lines – these indicate that it’s too dangerous to overtake

Signposting follows standard international symbols and all distances are in kilometres (km)


Helmets for riders of cycles and motorbikes must be worn at all times

Rear and front lights on cycles are required at night

Motorbikes should drive with a headlight on at all times

International Driving Licenses and Permits

You can legally drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months if you have either a current driver’s license from your home country or an International Driving Permit.



In this DVD…

Two separate interviews with seasoned motorcyclists, Zigy Kaluzny and Jim & Joey Lattimore, discussing their experiences riding in NEW ZEALAND.


Zigy Kaluzny, only started riding at the age of 44; admittedly previously leery of motorcycles, he now says, “motorcycling changed my life.” He bought his first motorcycle, a 1984 BMW R65LS, even before he could ride it home. He has ridden only BMWs and is on his 7th of that marque, an R1150GS.

His experiences and travels reflect the truth of the change that motorcycling has effected in his life: he has been an MSF RiderCoach — “I wanted to give back some of what motorcycling has given me” — and has spent months touring Europe, during which trip he took both the BMW Enduro school at Hechlingen and the BMW track school at Nurburgring; has travelled to Alaska, repeatedly toured extensively across the western US and the Canadian Rockies, and most recently spent two months riding New Zealand on an R1100GS. “When I returned,” he noted, “I would have packed up and moved there without a second thought. Of all the places I have been, it is the best: people, roads, food, places, and a sense of safety on the road that I have never experienced anywhere else.”

More than anything else, he says, “Since I was never very good at sports, I have found that motorcycling is the one thing I can do that allows me to feel the equal of other men in this culture.”


Jim Lattimore did not grow up with motorcycles, but while serving in the US Army in Vietnam, he made special note of how the locals used two-wheeled scooters and moped type machines to go everywhere and to haul just about anything with them. He vowed that someday he’d try to get involved with motorcycling.

After returning to the USA, finishing school and enjoying a very successful business career, Jim retired at the age of 52 to devote as much time as possible to riding motorcycles with his wife Joey. With a seldom seen passion for riding, Jim has accumulated over 750,000 miles riding in 74 countries around the world. From his home base in Franklin, TN, he and Joey enjoy trips to the Alps, the Colorado Rockies, and the wonderful back-roads of the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Jim and Joey have a special affection for New Zealand pointing out the beautiful mountainous country, the clean crisp air, and the meandering, well kept roads with little traffic.

Jim is a former national enduro competitor and frequent entrant in observed trials meets across the country. He has been honored as the National Ambassador for Discover Today’s Motorcycling, an arm of the Motorcycle Industry Council, and is an annual participant in the Colorado 500 which he declares to be the best organized, and most enjoyable motorcycling event in the country.

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