Adventure Motorcycling… PLANNING | PREPARING | RIDING



  • What to Bring
  • Camping vs. Hotel
  • Obtaining Maps and GPS files
  • Back-Up Plans
  • When to Stop Planning?
  • Ready, Set, When to Go?
  • Guided Tour vs. Solo Trips
  • Choosing Your Route
  • Weather Conditions
  • and much more


  • Your Gear
  • Health & Safety
  • Tools and Extras
  • Tool-Kit Must-Haves
  • Reviewing Maps and GPS
  • What’s a Realistic Budget?
  • Accommodations
  • Riding Conditions to Expect
  • What NOT to Bring
  • and much more


  • Off-road Skill-Level
  • Using Maps and GPS
  • Condition of Motorcycle
  • Aftermarket Must-Haves
  • Important Navigation Tips
  • Scenery Along the Way
  • Breakdowns and Repairs
  • Dealing with Language Issues
  • Critical Fuel Issues
  • and much more
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  • Video Intro
  • About Us
  • Why Choose Us

We are experienced adventure motorcyclists…


with countless years of riding and countless miles of exploring by motorcycle. We are dedicated to sharing our experience and knowledge with other adventure motorcyclists, through these DVDs, eBooks, and companion Handbooks.


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What you need to know without the fluff and filler.


Our information is provided in a concise format to offer you the important information you need to make your adventure exciting, safe, and fun! Our DVDs, eBooks, and companion Booklets, are updated often to insure the information is accurate and relevant to your adventure.


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“The Prep For The TAT DVD arrived yesterday and I’ve already watched it twice! It’s answered all the questions I needed before my adventure on the “TAT” begins. Thanks for all the info! I can hardly wait to start my own adventure on the Trans-Am Trail!”

— Christopher J. — Christopher J.

Princeton, NJ

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