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"Umbrella Girls"

"Paddock Girls"

"Grid Girls"


Just Another Reason Why I Love Motorcycles...




Beautiful Umbrella GirlsFrom

Paddock Girls
(or "Grid Girls", "Umbrella Girls")

A term that has been used in professional motorcycle racing for many years. It refers to young women employed to hold umbrellas above racers to protect them from the sun.

Before the start of a race (either SuperBike Championships or MotoGP), the riders have to pull up onto their grid and wait for all the other racers to take their places on the line. The riders stand on the grid until all pre-race checks, adjustments and fueling have been completed. This process can take several hours. Racing weather is often over 86°F (30°C), and this together with the heavily padded leather racing attire can make the wait on the grid a very uncomfortable experience.

To prevent the riders suffering from fatigue and heat stroke, the sponsors hire Paddock Girls (Umbrella Girls, Grid Girls) to hold umbrellas for the racers whenever they are in the sun.

Paddock girls are also typically used to advertise the sponsors of their race team. Also known as promotional models, they usually range from 18-30 and are models. They attract attention by wearing tight fitted clothing (often short and revealing) which sport the logo/design of the sponsors.


Beautiful Paddock Girl holding umbrella


Sexy Paddoc Girls posing with Valentino Rossi Moto GP Racer The Doctor


Paddoc Girls in white skirts


Pretty Paddoc Girl in champagne from winning Moto GP Racer


Sexy Paddoc Girl in tight white shorts near race bike


Paddoc Girls in bikini and boots posing with racing motorcycle


Paddoc Girl in tight shorts and stockings near race bike


Paddoc Girl in tight white pants on race motorcycle


Paddoc Girls in black bikinis near race motorcycle and rider


Grid Girl wet with champagne from winning racer


Grid Girl with long legs


Grid Girl in short denim skirt


Grid Girls in boots and bikinis


Grid Girls wearing tight white shorts


Grid Girl in green skirt


Grid Girl in blue shorts and boots


Grid Girl in white shorts holding umbrella


Umbrella Girl with cropped shirt and black bikini


Beautiful Grid Girl holding umbrella in paddock


Blonde and brunette Umbrella Girls in bikinis near racing bike


Blonde Umbrella Girls wearing black skirts


smiling Umbrella Girls posing in boots


Paddoc Girl in blue skirt and short top holding umbrella in paddock




Did you actually read the definition?

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